Chocolate chia pudding Recipe

Who doesn’t love chocolate? I guess the answer to this question is, “We all do”. After all, it is the most popular sweet treat in the world. So, if you are a chocolate lover then you are in for a treat today because today’s recipe is chocolate-based and it is called Chocolate chia pudding recipe.

Fun fact about chocolate: The tropical tree from which chocolate is prepared is called Theobroma cacao. In the Greek language, this Theobroma cacao means “Food of the Gods”.

There are three types of fine chocolates in the world:

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate
  • White Chocolate

Chocolate has a lot of nutritious value and it is loved by people of all age groups. Moreover, the consumption of chocolates promotes heart health, improves the cognitive functions of the human brain, and improves the mood. However, on the contrary, chocolate has side-effects as well which are mostly related to weight gain and obesity. Luckily, these side-effects can be controlled if the consumption of chocolate is moderate.

As an old proverb states that “Excess of everything is bad” we suggest you consume chocolate in moderation to maintain a healthier body and mind. Without further delay, let’s have a look at the ingredients required to make this healthy vegan recipe.

Ingredients for Chocolate Chia Pudding recipe:

  • Chia seeds – 60 Grams
  • Unsweetened hazelnut or almond mile – 400ml
  • Cacao powder – 3 tbsp.
  • Maple syrup – 2 tbsp.
  • Vanilla extract – ½ tsp.
  • Mixed cacao nibs
  • Frozen berries to serve

NOTE: We are using cacao powder instead of cocoa powder because of its nutritional value. As it is fermented, seeds that are processed at low temperatures and then milled into a powder, their nutritional value does not get destroyed during the process, unlike cocoa powder which is processed at high temperatures.

Let us now finally move on the method to prepare this deliciously healthy vegan recipe.

Directions for the Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe:

  • You will start by putting all the ingredients in a large container, preferably a bowl. Then add a generous amount of sea salt and whisk to combine properly. Now, cover with the cling film then leave it to thicken in the fridge overnight. If you are in a hurry, then we suggest let it thicken for at least 4 hours.
  • When all the ingredients are combined and thickened properly, spoon the pudding into four glasses then top with the cacao nibs and frozen berries.

We hope that you will love this recipe. Please give us your feedback in the comments section after you try this vegan recipe. You can check a variety of other healthy and delicious recipes on our website as well as numerous health, diet, fitness, and weight loss related blogs.

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